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Creating Your Business GamePlan

Price: $10,000* 

(*Fee based on Client's unique situation)

2/3 of Fee Deposit to start. If upon presentation of Corporate GamePlan you hire us as your Advisor for the Company or Individualy by an owner, the final payment is waived

Time Frame:

4 – 5 Meetings over 4 to 6 Weeks

The Process:

·   Meet to identify current business situation, goals and priorities.

·   Collect all Data and Analyze. What information do we need?  Everything!

·   Set up Meetings with your CPA, Attorney and any other professionals in your business

  • ·   Review of Following items:

    1.    Review of Tax Returns and Financial Statements

    2.    Review of all fees and expenses of current plan

    3.    Review and Comparison of All business Insurance

    4.    Corporate Structure and Corporate Agreements

    5.    Estate Planning for Owners

    6.    Business Organizational Structure

    7.    Review and identification of Business Goals and ensure resources as utilized in alignment with such goals

    8.    Any other items agreed to by Client and Firm

    ·   Discussion with CPA and Corporate Attorneys, as needed.

    ·   Presentation of Business GamePlan with Recommendation

What Makes us Different:

We strongly encourage you to listen to our Podcast, watch our YouTube videos or read our Blogs to get a better feel of what makes us different.

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