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The “ARC” of Players

We have chosen to structure our Wealth Management practice as our own business to provide our advice and solutions that we feel are best for each client’s needs. As an independent firm, we are free to assemble the “Players” that we feel best fit our business model and our client’s needs. There are three (3) main components of every Wealth Management business; Adviser, Research and Custody.


The team at Merited Wealth serves as the Adviser. Our knowledge and experience is the critical component to creating, implementing and monitoring your wealth management structure. We monitor and review the laws and regulations that affect our clients’ personal and business lives and coordinate those with each clients unique goals and ambitions. The primary legal responsibilities and duties reside with us as the Adviser and is reflected in all agreements with the Players.


The world of investments is vast and ever changing. To do that job well, scale and expertise is vital. We have chosen Assetmark as our research and due diligence partner. We implement their research through carefully vetted investment strategists, each with a core focus, to build your portfolio. For certain accounts like 529 Plans or 401(K) plans, we utilize Mutual Fund and Insurance Companies as our Research and Solution provider.


It is very important to understand how Custody of your assets works. This is the entity that actually holds the stocks, bonds and funds for your Portfolio. We primarily utilize the services of Assetmark Trust. Assetmark Trust utilizes Fidelity® as sub-custodian and to provide certain custodial and brokerage services. To understand better the role of the custodian, the safeguards in place and Assetmark Trust’s utilization of Fidelity, click here. We also use Fidelity (direct) for those clients that have experience working directly with Fidelity and prefer that online experience. The Adviser and the Investment Strategists with Assetmark direct the custodians as to which assets to buy, sell and hold and all other financial transactions needed on our client accounts.

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