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Raising an Entrepreneur

Raising an Entrepreneur

December 02, 2021

It's never too early to learn about making money and being successful in business. By the time your kids reach the job market, the competition will be unimaginable; therefore, it's essential to teach your kids how to be entrepreneurs early.

Some tips for parents who want to help their children become successful entrepreneurs are:

Encourage Kids to Problem-Solve

Many recent generations were not pushed to solve problems but handed the solution. Encourage your kids to figure things out themselves while you stay nearby to step in and help if needed. Teach your children how to brainstorm ideas to come up with multiple solutions and choose the best one. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Help Them to Think Big

Children are often exposed to a very small world. Help them to think globally and beyond their local community. Consider watching or reading the news with them and coming up with solutions to global problems together. Thinking big will benefit them in many ways later in life.

Hard Work Equals Success

Forbes Magazine explains the "Effort Out, Money In" idea that if your child is a nickel-and-dimer, you should encourage it. Teach them that the amount of effort they put in equals the return on their investment. You can also use teachable lessons to show them how to negotiate prices. Kids learn by example. Show them how your efforts directly affect your success.

Talk About Money

Talk to your kids about money as if they were grown-ups. If your children aren't interested, then make more of an effort. Both boys and girls need to learn early about money, borrowing, investing, budgeting, and saving. These skills will benefit them for their entire lives.

Help Them Start a Business

A lot of kids come to their parents with big ideas of starting a business. Instead of telling them, they're too young, encourage them by helping them get started and brainstorm ideas to grow the business. Take it seriously, and their confidence will grow as they learn how to be an early entrepreneur. You can use websites like Shopify to help them start a small online business earning money and give them tips on how to grow their wealth.

Cultivate Their Identity

To support your child in whatever they decide to do, you should help cultivate their identity. According to Forbes Magazine, "Independent thinking and action are essential to winning as an entrepreneur." Support your kids and give them unconditional love, so they feel confident being who they are and strong enough to take risks and employ out-of-the-box thinking.

Teachable Moments and Growing Confidence

Parents who use everyday situations to teach kids about money are helping their kids in profound ways. Not only are they applying the principles of wealth management to real life they are also helping grow their child's confidence. In addition, these lessons learned early will benefit your kids' ability to apply them to business situations in the future and help prepare them for the real world.