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China's Macro Situation

China's Macro Situation

August 04, 2022

Recently, I began writing a newsletter where I cover global financial markets and other important topics. In my 4th post linked below, I cover China and its current macroeconomic situation. We tend to get biased coverage here in the U.S., so I wanted to differentiate between the Chinese State (government) and Nation (people).

The Chinese people take much pride in their Nation and are extremely optimistic about the future of their country. To us, this may seem strange, as they're burdened with restrictive social policies and lack of freedom, but to understand the people's psychology you must understand their recent history.

China has experienced unprecedented growth over the past 25 years, but its Nation has changed as a result. It's likely the State's obsession with control will impede further progress. Click the following link to read the research and thoughts I've put together on the topic:

What's Going On? #4, China in the New World

Featured Image: Source: South China Morning Post, China Geopolitics Podcast