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Changing Directions While Staying in the Same Profession

Changing Directions While Staying in the Same Profession

March 17, 2022

Regardless of how far along you are in your career, change is inevitable and sometimes even necessary. You might be considering changing professions altogether or just moving laterally. In recent years, many people have found the way to happiness in a career is to follow your heart and feed your soul with something more in line with what you dream for yourself. If you are feeling unfulfilled and stagnant in your career path, think about all your options before making a move.

Have a Plan

Whenever you consider changing your career path in the same profession or in a different one, be sure to have a plan. In our recent podcast, Amy was completely burned out and at her wit's end. She took some time to evaluate what would ignite her soul. She realized she was longing to do something that served others. In Amy's case, she "jumped shipped". She switched legal practice areas, moved to a new state, and established her own business. You can hear the latest podcast featuring a conversation with Steve and Amy at Before you get to the point where Amy was, take an annual inventory of everything and evaluate where you stand, what you need, and how to proceed to make change happen. Change is hard but can be so rewarding.

Make Change Happen Your Way

If you need to make a change, you don't necessarily have to leave your current employment and find a new company or start a new career. You could approach your current employer and redefine how you want your position to work. It could be as simple as changing your schedule or redefining your responsibilities. Due to the Great Resignation, your company may jump at the chance to find ways to keep you happy. However, keep in mind your employer may not want to work with you to restructure your role, and you may have to be ready to make the switch. Regardless of how it turns out, don't stay in a job or role that doesn't make you happy. Life is too short to suffer.

Include Your Family in the Decision

Before making any major decisions about your career, check in with your family. Let them know what you are struggling with and what you want to do about it. Bring them along on your journey. You never know; they may have ideas and solutions to the problem you haven't considered. Involving them also builds trust and enriches the relationship. Your well-being and financial situation will affect your entire family, so involving them in the decision makes sense.

Learn How to Market Yourself Well

It all comes down to marketing. Whether you make a move or change laterally in your career, you must put yourself out there and learn how to market yourself effectively. Consult the experts on how to present yourself the way you want to be seen to accomplish your goals, on your terms. Become your own personal brand and proudly show that to the world.